Thursday, March 1, 2012



first of all, let me introduce me self. 

Scha Eloise. (bukan nama sebenar) aiceh. :p
Eloise means brilliant or intelligent in France. so addicted to every single thing that is related to France and i don't know why.
*sebab tu nama pun nak jugak selitkan nama orang Perancis. :p

the hobbies are singing, writing (blog), listening to music (indie, country), watching movies and dramas (love story, princess), reading (novel: malay and english), social networking.

ambitions, seriously wanna be a successful business woman, who own a business.

i love beach, sunflower, peace, stargazing, camera.
*yeah, i think that i am a romantic person. yeke? :p

religion, Islam. i'm learning to be a 'completely' muslimah and i know there are many obstacles.
*please be strong! actually, what i want is just to be a 'solehah' daughter, wife, mother and servant.

dream, heee. meet with prince charming and live happily ever after. just like cinderella. :p

p/s: nice to meet you again with new me after has been deleted all the older posts. :)

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